STEMS is about inclusive education. We believe that no child should be left behind in the journey of life. The STEMS system is designed to equip Special Education schools with the capabliity to create impactful learning outcomes, enhance collaboration between stakeholders in the provision of care and education, and elicit new insights that can help teachers better understand the learners and their learning needs.

  • Student information management: to manage students’ bio-data, medical information and attendance, track grades and assessment scores, and provide reporting functions including transcripts and academic reports.
  • Lesson planning and curriculum management: an integrated system for teachers to develop lesson plans to meet the unique needs and progression of each student.
  • Collaborative home learning portal to facilitate closer and more frequent interaction between the school and parents, and to meet the learning needs of students at home.
  • Educators
  • Social workers
  • Allied health professionals
  • Parents and caregivers

Target Audience


  • Elicit insights on learning behaviour and effective teaching methodologies to create impactful learning outcomes for the development of special students.
  • Reduce the significant administrative and operational overheads for educators and allied health professionals so more resources are channeled towards addressing students’ developmental needs.
  • Enhance students’ learning progress and general well-being by providing a collaborative teaching platform for teachers to cooperate and establish collective cognition of students’ needs across different disciplines and contexts.