What We Do

Trampolene is a research & technology non-profit organisation that provides solutioning to bring about change and positive impact to the lives of the underprivileged, disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Volunteer Optimiser

VOOP helps organizations better manage and optimize volunteer resource through real-time data analytics, knowledge management and computational modeling.

Smart Barrier-Free Access

Smart BFA is a real-time barrier-free access navigation system that allows users to find accurate and up-to-date point-to-point accessible route recommendations that are free of obstacles and barriers to mobility.

Special Education Management

STEMS is an intelligent IT-based system designed to support teachers & allied health professionals in their role of delivering quality education to special needs students.

What's New

Support seniors via the Big Data analyst system

Capital 95.8FM - 05 Jul 2017

The Organisation of Senior Volunteers co-operated with non-profitable organisation Trampolene to develop a big data system ...

Help schemes for kids under an online system

The Straits Times - 18 Mar 2017

The system, developed by technology firm Trampolene Limited at a cost of $1.2 million, will also track the effectiveness of the help given to ...


Established in 2016, Trampolene is a non-profit organization which mission is to develop technological solutions and services primarily for charities, voluntary welfare organisations, social enterprises, social institutions and other social sector organisations, cultural and arts organisations, and sports organisations, and to supply such solutions and services to such organisations.

At the heart of our organization is our people, comprising a team of data scientists, computer engineers, psychologists, behaviour scientists, biologists and medical professionals, with the passion and perseverance towards attaining the goal of a more inclusive and equitable world.

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Do you enjoy building and growing your project into a product that can positively influence many lives?

Do you enjoy developing solutions that can help the vulnerable and marginalised communities?

Are you looking for an environment that embrace innovation in unconventional and creative ways?

Here at Trampolene, we are on the lookout for talented people to join our mission to improve the well-being of our society.

Contact us and let us know how we can work together to build a better world.



VOOP is all about building a better and more inclusive world. We believe that giving is quintessential to humanity and progress, that no man is an island and that there are causes that are greater than ourselves. By connecting people to one another, and providing them with the platform and tools they need to serve and succeed, we help to create an inclusive society where people of all ages, abilities and cultures can come together to serve for the greater good. This might help improve the quality of life of some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society. It might also help foster community bonding and strengthen social cohesion among communities.

The VOOP app makes it easier for volunteers and volunteer managers to make a difference for a cause that matters to them. Build your volunteer network, stay up to date with the latest volunteering opportunities, and impact the world around you.

  • Voluntary welfare organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Companies and corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Religious organisations
  • Schools, clubs and societies

Target Audience


  • All the tools you need to create a seamless and interactive experience to reach out, engage and deploy your volunteers.
  • Match volunteers to the most suitable opportunities based on their geographic, demographic and psychographic data.
  • Manage and optimise volunteers as an enterprise resource as well as an individual throughout their journeys to enhance contribution while enriching their volunteering experience.
  • Orientate, develop and grow an active pool of volunteers based on their volunteer journeys and development plans.



Smart BFA is all about inclusive mobility. By mapping commonly used barrier-free access (BFA) routes and connecting BFA users to one another, we help to create an inclusive environment where people of all ages and abilities can commute and interact with one another. This might help people with disabilities to gain better access to education, employment, recreation, transportation and housing. It mighy also help create local communities and special interest groups that come together and reduce social isolation.

The app is a real-time navigation system that allows users to find accurate and up-to-date point-to-point accessible route recommendations that are free of obstacles and barriers to mobility. By using the app, users passively contribute traffic, pavement and road data that are barrier-free. They can also share reports on obstacles, hazards or lift breakdowns along the way, helping other users who are in the vincity on which routes to avoid.

  • Wheelchair users
  • Elderies on walking aid
  • Electric mobility vehicle users
  • Families with prams
  • Travellers with heavy luggage

Target Audience


  • Find accurate and up-to-date point-to-point accessible route recommendations that are free of obstacles and barriers to mobility.
  • Real-time voice-guided alerts and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Discover nearby Points-of-Interests (PoIs) such as BFA-friendly restrooms, handicapped parking lots, BFA overhead bridges and BFA-friendly food centers.



STEMS is about inclusive education. We believe that no child should be left behind in the journey of life. The STEMS system is designed to equip Special Education schools with the capabliity to create impactful learning outcomes, enhance collaboration between stakeholders in the provision of care and education, and elicit new insights that can help teachers better understand the learners and their learning needs.

  • Student information management: to manage students' bio-data, medical information and attendance, track grades and assessment scores, and provide reporting functions including transcripts and academic reports.
  • Lesson planning and curriculum management: an integrated system for teachers to develop lesson plans to meet the unique needs and progression of each student.
  • Collaborative home learning portal to facilitate closer and more frequent interaction between the school and parents, and to meet the learning needs of students at home.

  • Educators
  • Social workers
  • Allied health professionals
  • Parents and caregivers

Target Audience


  • Elicit insights on learning behaviour and effective teaching methodologies to create impactful learning outcomes for the development of special students.
  • Reduce the significant administrative and operational overheads for educators and allied health professionals so more resources are channeled towards addressing students' developmental needs.
  • Enhance students' learning progress and general well-being by providing a collaborative teaching platform for teachers to cooperate and establish collective cognition of students' needs across different disciplines and contexts.