Services we provide

  • Learn basic work habits & life skills
  • Identify your attributes through targeted training
  • Explore job requirements, necessary skills, and the recruitment process.
  • Work with us to think outside the box to identify your ability
  • Discover which type of employment model is suitable for you
  • Facilitate collaboration with employers to find a suitable job environment
  • Identify potential growth opportunities during and after securing employment.
  • Recognize avenues for advancement and career progression post-employment.
  • Navigate strategies for continuous development and success

Success stories

We are delighted to collaborate with Trampolene and induct See Chun Shan into our team under the GATES scheme (Growing Autistic Talent for the Engineering Sector).
Chun Shan has proven to be adept at integrating well into our work environment and communicating confidently with his fellow team members.

Our leadership at ST Engineering is a strong advocate for a diverse and inclusive work force and the basis for new employees selection is their credentials, merits and relevant work experiences. We aim to make ST Engineering a choice employer where everyone can find success and fulfilment.

– Simon Goh, ST Engineering

During the job searching, thank you Trampolene for teaching him and practicing with him to do better for interview, encouraging him to send out job applications, providing him a job environment to build up his confidence to interact with people. Thank you also Trampolene for providing him on the job coaching by making sure he meets the expectations of the company.

– Patricia, Mom

We are grateful Trampolene supported us during the application and interview process. Throughout the hiring process, they advised us to arrange for an adapted recruitment process that involved a work assessment instead of conventional interviews. This approach allowed us to objectively identify talent, and it was refreshing to see this alternative method of assessment.

– Julian Ng, Chief Executive Officer at GVT

Trampolene has been supporting my son who has ASD on his pre-employment, employment placement and management for the last 3-4 months. Aside from helping to match my son to receptive potential employers, Trampolene trained him on job application and interview behaviour. Upon successful placement, the job coach and the team supported him on the job requirements, helped him to build employability skills and in his interactions with his colleagues and supervisors. Training and coaching ASD individuals to empathise with employer’s requirements are not easy and I really appreciate the efforts and patience of the Trampolene team in supporting my son. Thank you Trampolene.

– Irene Koh, Mom

Trampolene has helped my son transit from school to work. Their job coach has been very helpful in easing him into the new environment while also coaching him to perform his tasks efficiently. With their assistance, any feedback or issues he met at work are taken care of. It also helped to ensure that he is able to perform tasks assigned by his employer while also maintaining his rights at the workplace.

– Brion’s Mom

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