VOOP is all about building a better and more inclusive world. We believe that giving is quintessential to humanity and progress, that no man is an island and that there are causes that are greater than ourselves. By connecting people to one another, and providing them with the platform and tools they need to serve and succeed, we help to create an inclusive society where people of all ages, abilities and cultures can come together to serve for the greater good. This might help improve the quality of life of some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society. It might also help foster community bonding and strengthen social cohesion among communities.


The VOOP app makes it easier for volunteers and volunteer managers to make a difference for a cause that matters to them. Build your volunteer network, stay up to date with the latest volunteering opportunities, and impact the world around you.

  • Voluntary welfare organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Companies and corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Religious organisations
  • Schools, clubs and societies

Target Audience


  • All the tools you need to create a seamless and interactive experience to reach out, engage and deploy your volunteers.
  • Match volunteers to the most suitable opportunities based on their geographic, demographic and psychographic data.
  • Manage and optimise volunteers as an enterprise resource as well as an individual throughout their journeys to enhance contribution while enriching their volunteering experience.
  • Orientate, develop and grow an active pool of volunteers based on their volunteer journeys and development plans.