Low employment rates for PwDs

People with disabilities – in particular, people with autism – face low employment rates.   Tertiary educated PWDs are not prioritised in existing programs. Singapore lags behind comparable countries in employment for people with disabilities.

The estimated number of people with ASD in Singapore

– 50,000 individuals with ASD in our population of 5 million

– 1,000 students with ASD enrol in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) each year

Collaboration Opportunities

GATES is a program specially designed for aspiring adults with autism in high skilled jobs in the engineering sector.  We welcome enquiries for both interns and graduates.

Trampolene has been working with Institutes of Higher Learning / partners from private and public sectors to identify young adults with work potential, develop and equip them with right blend of generic and technical skills to succeed at high skill jobs. With better diagnosis and increased awareness, the number of people with ASD is expected to increase.

Below illustrates how we work with our partners: