How does our program work?

The program is developed based on the attributes of adults with autism and the employability skills required to succeed in jobs in engineering sector.

Participants who are assessed to be suitable will be put through an identified pathway from training, placement to post employment support.

Eligibility Requirements for PwDs

The program is open to participants who meet the following requirements:

  1. (a) Final-year students graduating from Institutes of Higher Learning (with transcripts, pending official award of certificate; OR (b) Graduates from Institutes of Higher Learning, between the age of 18-35. Adults above 35 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Participants must fully disclose their disabilities and mental or medical conditions.
  3. Participants must be formally diagnosed with ASD, with supporting medical diagnosis and/or psychological reports by qualified professionals from public hospitals and/or medical institutions, or be recognized as part of an association supporting PWDs with ASD.
  4. Male citizens or PRs must have completed or been exempted from National Service.
  5. Participants must have no plans to pursue further education within one year from registration of the program.
  6. Participants must not have been convicted of any crime, or currently be under police investigation.
  7. Participants must produce written parental consent.

Participants must agree to all terms in a Letter of Undertaking.