Alternate talents for your organisation

We work closely with partners from institutes of higher learning and the public sector to identify young adults with autism [and the appropriate qualifications] to develop them through internship and employment opportunities as part of Growing Alternate Talent for Engineering Sector (GATES).” 

“The goal of this program is to support placements in higher-skilled internship and employment opportunities which persons with ASD may not have access to, and increase the retention rates for those who are placed in such opportunities. To do so, it will provide comprehensive employment training, job placement opportunities, ongoing support to the PWDs and regular check-ins [/collaboration] with the caregivers to assist tertiary-educated PWDs with ASD in finding high-skilled jobs in the engineering sector.

**Job candidates: Graduates from ITE, polytechnics and universities. 18 – 35 years old. Studied in engineering, information technology, science or relevant fields. Have no or some work experience.