Voicing Out: A social communication booster programme for youths

Have you wanted to speak with clarity and confidence in social settings? This requires bravery and practice. Here at Trampolene, we’ve crafted a programme to empower you with essential public speaking skills. Join us on this fun yet structured journey where you will be guided towards creating your own speech presentation.

Programme outline

Communication process & barriers

Learn about giving and receiving in different social communication settings, 
and how to overcome communication barriers

Speech preparation

Plan and write one’s own speech based on a chosen topic of interest

Match speech to PowerPoint slides

Learn essential PowerPoint skills and match one’s speech to self-designed slides

Speech rehearsal; Q & A

Rehearse one’s PowerPoint speech presentation and engage in Q & A sessions 

Programme schedule

Time 23 Jul (Tues) 24 Jul (Wed) 7 Aug (Wed) 8 Aug (Thurs)
9am - 12pm
Get to know each other and learn about the communication process
Communicating in business settings; mock job interviews
Pick up PowerPoint skills, match my speech to self-designed slides
PowerPoint speech rehearsals

Mock Q & A sessions

12pm - 1.30pm
Lunch break
1.30pm - 4.30pm
Communicating in different social settings; overcoming communication barriers
Decide on a speech topic, plan and write my own speech
How to project and protect my voice; get engaged in

Sounds interesting and useful?

Who: For individuals aged between 16 – 35 years old

Free admission

Venue: 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-06, Singapore (139955)

Kindly register for the programme – https://forms.gle/kBtQKCUqi4V5h6Ji9 

Confirmed participants will be notified closer to the programme

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