Benefits of Hiring Alternate Talent

Possible Collaborations

Develop Company's Talent Pipeline

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Shape Talents to Meet Organisation Needs

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Support Services

Job Analysis & Redesign

  • Evaluating the suitability
  • Re-design jobs mapping to competencies

Job Coaching

  • Evaluating the suitability
  • Re-design jobs mapping to competencies

Co-Working Training

  • Build a support network
  • Build a culture of inclusive employment


Degree in Applied Mathematics/Engineering/ Life Science/Statistics & Business Analytics

Certificate in Community Care

Diploma in Information Technology/Design /Engineering/

Nitec in Applied Food science / Engineering


They are untapped talent. They are neurodiverse individuals who are able to perform, in an environment that accepts and understand them.

Our talents are from institutes of higher learning ranging from ITE, Polytechnic to University. We will assign the talent that best fit your organisational needs.

We will work with you step by step on achieving inclusive employment. You can host or participate in activities to interact with these talents first. When you are ready, you can consider employing the talents.

The duration varies depending on the dynamic of the company. Companies have the right to end the job trial at any point of the engagement.

Depending on demand, expect approximately up to 3 months of waiting time. This is to ensure that we can assign the best possible candidate to fits your needs.

Our support includes design for job accommodation, on-the-job coaching, work review, as well grant application assistance.

Of course! We will arrange a meet-up and facilitate the conversation.

Every candidate will be assigned a Job coach who will train the candidates on generic workplace skills. For job-specific skills, we will work closely with the employer to co-train the candidate.

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