Embracing Neurodiversity

Achieve higher employability through adapted development

What We Do?

Enabling young adults with autism to achieve higher employability through adapted development.


People are the foundation of any great organisation. The changing landscape in Infocomm Technology (ICT) has accentuated the competitive demand for ICT talent. Organisations need to innovate, explore untapped talent pool and harness unrealized talents to meet business growths.

Trampolene is an inclusive organisation with expertise in various domains of ICT. We harness talents, including both neurotypical and neurodiversity (e.g, autism), and offer industry partners a viable alternate talent pool. Our experienced consultants work with you to manage the talents and ensure the project deliverables are on time, in IT Support, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Interface Design, Prototyping, Graphics Design, and more.

We offer experienced and comprehensive consultation and delivery of IT solutions, design and development of digital products, provide and manage talents for your manpower needs.

Supported by

An agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities. Its vision is: Inclusive Society. Enabled Lives.

Our Program

Consisting of 3 stages, a student can join our program at any stage. Participants will be exposed to industry projects, engage with inclusive employers and benefit from the sharing of professionals, some of whom are on the autism spectrum.


Stage 1 - Early Exposure (1-3 months)

During Year 1 or 2 school vacation


Strength and Needs Profiling

Understand Yourself

Gain better understanding of your strength and weakness.

Understand Work

Understand the concept of work and develop good working habit.

Advanced Preparation

Early engagement and exposure for work readiness. More lead time to develop individual plans and identification of industry partners.

Stage 2 - Intership/FYP (3-12 months)

During school internship program



Individual-Based Learning on the Job
Customized In-Demand Task Design

Soft & Hard Skills Training

Professional etiquettes and communication tactics at work. Using professional software and tools, apply knowledge to solve real industry problems.

Tailored Learning

Customized tasks and instructions to facilitate on the job learning.

Adapted Environment

Highly adapted environment with supporting network and engagement with potential inclusive employers to enhance employability.

Stage 3 - Employment & Lifelong Learning

After graduation




Continued Support
Advanced Training and Continuous Engagement

Job Coaches

Provide training with clear steps and scopes.

Networking & Continuous Training

Social network for long-term support. Continuous training for reinforcement and advancement.

Wellbeing & Self-Improvement

Social support for individual's wellbeing. Lifelong learning for self-improvement and career advancement.

Volunteer & CSR

We welcome individuals and corporates to participate in our volunteer activities. Help create an inclusive society by upskilling and empowering the autism community.

Volunteer CSR

Technical Trainer

Professionals in ICT or data science can conduct workshops on programing, web and software development, and provide consultations on their projects.

Communication Coach

If you are a social worker, a counsellor, a personal coach, or a teacher, you can help them to better connect with others, in business and in daily life.

Career Coach

If you are an HR practitioner or a career consultant, share your inspirations to help them plan and develop a rewarding career path.

Training Buddy

With your compassion and empathy, be their friend, share your life stories and working experiences, provide guidance on adapting to working life.

Activity Facilitator

Your passion could be sports, heritage, photography, or anything. Join us to share your skillsets and enrich their experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Participate as a company and make a positive impact! You could be an employer of these young adults.

Contact Us

For employers and parents who are interested in our programme. Please contact us via email or the form below. We will get in touch with you!